Saturday, February 4, 2017

Sun Locator - Privacy Policy

Sun Locator - Privacy Policy

The Sun Locator app requests so called "sensitive device information". Specifically, this is the device position (GPS) and camera access.

Device Position (GPS)

GPS data is requested when you click on "Location from GPS" to use your current location.

Camera access

Camera access is needed to use the Camera View (aka Augmented Reality view)

Other data (e.g user data)

No other data is used by the app.

Data collection/Data storage

Absolute none! No data from your device is sent to any servers, no analytics is performed. The data stays on your device, all the calculations are done directly on your device.
However be aware, that the "Location form Map" Option and the "Map View"-Feature uses Google Maps. More information about the Google's privacy policy can be found here:

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